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Orignial topic - adopting a positive or negative viewpoint Essay - 1

Orignial topic - adopting a positive or negative viewpoint - Essay Example Environmental Damage Genetically modifies foods could pose a great threat to environment. According to Revill, â€Å"The genetically-modified crops could cross-pollinate with the other plants and create super hybrids and super-weeds. They could contaminate nearby organic farms, which could then lose their organic status (2004, p.4).† It takes millions of years for an eco system to grow and stabilize. In that context, the genetically modified plants may interfere with the stability of the eco system in which they are introduced by inadvertently introducing new and unwanted traits in the natural existing strains of plants, thereby leading to hazardous and dangerous results. Risks Posed to Food Chain Many a genetically modified foods do have the ability to produce chemicals that acts as natural pesticides. Now the thing is that the natural pesticides that the genetically modified plants contain, though intended to protect them against pests, may be consumed by other beneficial in sects and animals residing in their vicinity. Not to mention these natural chemicals inherent in the genetically modified foods could threaten the existence of species that are beneficial to humanity.

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Critical Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Critical Review - Essay Example We subdequently test this frame work by collecting data and using the collected data. Inductive Approach - In Inductive approach first we try to explore the data, then develop theories from them that we subsequently use to relate to literature. The basic purpose of this paper is to identify and analyze the reasons of the success and failures of Joint Venture underatings. I have reviewed various literatures, reference of which is given at appropriate places, of a few joint venture organisations and tried to analyze the reasons of their success or failure whatever the case may be. I have selected a few well known organisation for my study. For reviewing I have studied the a few articles published in various journals, the information provided by the companies in their web site, printed company literatures. 'Japanese joint ventures with western multinationals: Synthesizing the economic and cultural explanations of failure' published in Asia Pacific Journal of Management Volume 6, No.2 / April 1989, (pages 225 -242). In the article the writers discuss the reasons for failure observed in joint ventures between Japanese and Western Multinational Enterprises. They summerize that the existence of cultural differences as the main reason for failure in joint bventures betwewn Japanese and Western MNCs. A review of the types of survey methodologies available, their uses, pros and cons. Survey

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History And Formation Of Newtons Rings

History And Formation Of Newtons Rings In this experiment the physical property of interference of light will be used to determine the wavelength,, of a light source. The interference fringe system here is a pattern of concentric circles, the diameter of which you will measure with a travelling microscope (which has a Vernier scale). If a clean convex lens is placed on a clean glass slide (optically flat) and viewed in monochromatic light, a series of rings may be seen around the point of contact between the lens and the slide. These rings are known as Newtons rings and they arise from the interference of light reflected from the glass surfaces at the air film between the lens and the slide. The experimental set-up is shown in figure 1. History of history of Newtons ring The phenomenon of Newtons rings, named after sir Isaac Newton who first studied them in 1717, Newtons rings is a pattern of interference caused by two surfaces after reflection of light a sphere surface and an adjacent flat surface. When view with monochromatic light its appears as a series of concentric, alternating bright and dark rings centered at the point of contact between the two surfaces. When we see with white light, it forms like a rainbow colours concentric ring pattern because the different wavelengths of light interfere at different thickness of the layer between the surfaces. The light reflected from both surfaces caused by constructive interference, while the dark rings are caused by destructive. Perhaps, the outer rings are more closely spaced than the inner. So the above phenomenon was first described by Robert Hooke in his 1664 book Micrographia although its name derives from the physicist sir Isaac Newton, who was the first to analyze it. Newtons rings The term Newtons rings is a ring formed by the glass of curved, typically a convex lens, is put in contact with a glass of a plan surface. The curved glass kept on the plan glass, forming a film of air between them is increasingly larger along the length of the curve. When light is directed into the curved glass, a many of concentric circles appears. That is why the rings are referred to as Newtons rings. Which was the first to observe the phenomenon by Sir Isaac Newton? The Newtons rings formed will be phenomenon typically is dark alternating with bright, with the dark beginning in the center. It is formed as a result of interference between the light reflected by the two surfaces. Towards the application, Newtons rings can be used by lens makers to find out the quality of a lens. In a well-made lens, the rings should be uniform. When a convex surface with its Plano-convex lens is placed on a glass sheet, an air film of gradually increasing thickness outward is formed between the lens and the sheet. The thickness of film at the point of contact is zero. If light is allowed to fall on the lens, and the film is viewed in reflected light, alternate bright and dark concentric rings are seen around the point of contact. (Source google.com) Newtons Rings, it is visible a pattern of light and dark circles when a convex lens is placed, curved side down, on top of a flat piece of glass. The pattern was first observed by Sir Isaac Newton. The rings are caused by interference of light waves. When a light is falls downward onto the two pieces of glass, two overlapping beams of light are formed-one from light reflected by the lower surface of the curved glass and the other from light reflected by the upper surface of the flat glass. The light reflected from the plane glass moves farther than the light reflected from the curved glass. It depends on the distance between the two surfaces, light waves in the two beams may be in phase, and reinforcing each other or they may be out of phase, canceling each other out. Since the distances between the two reflecting surfaces increases with distance from the point where the lens and flat glass make contact, the areas where the waves are in phase and out of phase occur in concentric bands around the center of the lens. If the beam of light falls at the two pieces of glass is of a single wavelength i.e. monochromatic, the rings are thin circles of a single color. The rings are fewer in number, but highly colored when white light is used Formation of Newtons Rings Newtons rings are formed as a result of interference between the light waves reflected from the top and bottom surfaces of the air film formed between the lens and glass sheet. The phenomenon of the formation of Newtons ring can be explained on the basis of wave theory of light i.e.: An air film of varying thickness is formed between lens and the glass sheet. When a ray is incident on the surface of the lens, it is reflected as well as refracted. When the refracted ray strikes the glass sheet, it undergoes a phase change of 180 on the reflection. Interference occurs between two waves which interfere constructively if path differences between them is (m+1/2) 1 and destructively if path difference between them is ml producing alternate bright and dark rings. Radius of Newtons Ring Let the radius of curvature of the convex lens is R and the radius of ring is r. Consider light of wave length l falls on the lens. After refraction and reflection two rays 1 and 2 are obtained. These rays interfere each other producing alternate bright and dark rings. At the point of contact the thickness of air film is zero and the path difference is also zero and as a 180O path difference occurs, so they cancel each other and a dark ring is obtained at the centre. As we move away from the central point, path difference is also changed and alternate dark and bright rings are obtained. Let us suppose that the thickness of air film ist. By using the theorem of geometry, x = x r x r = t (2R t) = (2Rt -) Sincet is very small as compare to r, therefore neglecting = 2Rt r2 = 2Rt.. (1) In thin films, path difference for constructive interference is: 2nt = (m+1/2) l Where n= refractive index for air n = 1 Therefore, 2t = (m+1/2)l .. (2) For first bright ring m = 0 for second bright ring m = 1 For third bright ring m = 2 Similarly For Nth bright ring m = N-1 Putting the value of m in equation (2) 2t = (N-1+1/2)l 2t = (N-1/2)l t =1/2 (N-1/2) l .. (3) Putting the value oft in equation (1) r2 = 2Rt r2 = 2R. 1/2 (N-1/2) l r2 = R (N-1/2) l = Where N is the bright ring number, R is the radius of curvature of the lens the light is passing through, and ÃŽÂ » is the wavelength of the light passing through the glass. Working of Newtons Ring When convex surface of a long focal length lens is placed in contact with a plane glass disk and clamped together, as shown in cross section below. Adjustment screws are tightened to secure intimate contact at the center. Between the two surfaces of glass a thin film of air is formed and when this band is viewed under reflected light from an extensive light source. We ignore reflections from the top (Plano-convex lens) and bottom (plane glass disk) as these reflections just contribute to the overall glare. Since the wave is going from a higher to lower refractive index medium, there is no phase change at the glass air surface of convex lens. Whereas at the air-glass surface of the plane disk suffers a half-cycle phase shift due to reflection. Let R be the radius of curvature of the convex lens, r distance from center and the t air film thickness. Then, = 2Rt And the radius of the bright ring is given by: = [(N +  ½) ÃŽÂ »R]  ½ Here the two glass surfaces are in close contact and there is no reflection because it is as if there were no surfaces. The reflected light is almost white in colour for first maximum, this is because the distance between the two glass surfaces is such that its almost () ÃŽÂ » for the entire spectrum. Similarly succeeding rings exhibit more and more colour. Where the thickness is odd number N of (1/4) ÃŽÂ » for green, and where blue is about (N+1) (1/4) ÃŽÂ » and red is (N-1) (1/4) ÃŽÂ » will be most monochromatic ring. Therefore blue and red at reflection minima while green is at a reflection maximum. The experimental procedure to find the radius of Newtons bright ring is as follows. The convex surface of large radius of curvature is placed in contact with a plane glass disk and clamped together Adjustment screws are tightened to secure intimate contact at the center A thin film of air is formed between the 2 surfaces of glass The thin film of air is viewed under reflected light from an extensive light source Reflections from the top ( Plano-convex lens) and the bottom ( plane glass disk) are ignored, since these reflections just contribute to the overall glare The reflections of interest involves where the surfaces in contact Since the wave is going from higher to a lower refractive index medium, there is no phase change at the glass-air surface of the convex lens Whereas at the air-glass surface of the plane disk suffers a half-cycle phase shift due to reflection. Taking R as the radius of curvature of the convex lens, the relation between the radius of the ring r and the air-film thickness t is given by r2 = 2Rt . Then radius of the nth bright ring will be given by = The Newtons ring is used to;  · Illustrate the interference fringes formed in the air film between optical surfaces.  · Newtons rings are used to determine the radius of curvature of the bi convex or Plano-convex lens  · Measure the refractive index of a substance placed beneath the same lens.  · Determine the wavelength of sodium light

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Ralph Waldo Emerson vs. Walt Whitman Essay

In their respective fields, both Walt Whitman and Ralph Waldo Emerson were considered to be quintessential American writers. Their thoughts and statements regarding nonconformity and individuality were revolutionizing for the era that they lived. Thanks to them,similar thoughts and statements, are now much more mainstream and unexceptional.Although they used different tactics to get their points across, their shared opinions become evident. Both Walt Whitman and Ralph Waldo Emerson believed strongly in originality and personal expression;although the different tactics that they used to get their message across were nothing short of contrasting.In Emerson’s case, he was vehemently opposed to a society that he saw to be oppressive and unimaginative. Emerson was convinced that all of modern human civilization was in collaboration to crush his uniqueness and subjugate him to a life of a faceless cog. â€Å"Society is in conspiracy against the manhood of everyone of its members.† (P. 153) Conversely, Whitman regarded the common man with much esteem and favoritism. In his epic poem, â€Å"Song of Myself† Whitman spoke of the working class with an unusual favoring and support of their ways and lifestyle. â€Å"The sun falls on the crisply hair and mustache, falls on the black of his polish’d and perfect limbs, and I behold the picturesque giant and love him.† (P.173) Whitman encouraged the reader to lead an original and unconfirmed life. He celebrated the common man and tells the reader to be happy with their life and social stature. These ideals might seem as if completely different, but the points that they try to get across, are exactly the same. They are both stating that one should turn its back on the complex structure that is society and rather live a simple (although by no means primitive or unoriginal) life, unconstrained by conforming and strict social customs or procedures. The tones of Emerson’s poem’s and Whitman’s essay, were quite contrasting. Emerson’s essay seemed almost cold and apocalyptic contrasted to Whitman’s comparatively beautiful and uplifting poem. In Self Reliance, Emerson speaks of society with disgust and suspicion. He sees it all as a cruel masquerade that binds hapless souls to its iron will. â€Å"Society never advances. It recedes as fast on one side as it gains on another.† (P.152) In â€Å"Song of  Myself†, Whitman speaks in flourishes and silky verse’s. â€Å"You sea! I resign myself to you also – I guess what you mean, I behold from the beach your crooked fingers.† (P.180) Emerson’s essay was very philosophical and open to personal interpretation (â€Å"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds† P. 144), while Whitman’s poem was more detailed and vividly sensual (â€Å"The beards of the young men glisten’d with wet, it ran from their long hair†, P. 173). Also notable, is the fact that Whitman spoke to the reader about what he perceives and his personal opinions. (â€Å"I guess it must be the flag of my disposition.† P. 170),while Emerson spoke more about facts that he knew to be true, leaving it up the reader to agree or not. â€Å"Another sort of false prayers are our regrets.† (P. 150) From this, it is obvious to see that their writing styles and personal tactics differed greatly when it came to persuading someone of a particular cause.Emerson and Whitman both strived for more originality in society. Whitman was dedicated to creating an authentic American conciseness through his writing, one that was not made up of cast off European procedures. Emerson was committed to freeing the minds and let loose the originality, which he saw society holding back. â€Å"Society is a joint stock company, in which the members agree, for the better securing of his bread to each shareholder, to surrender the liberty and culture of the eater. (P.140) It is evident to see that both Walt Whitman and Ralph Waldo Emersonstrongly felt the need to free, warn, or otherwise inform society of their findings and opinions. Thanks to this sense of obligation and perspective liberty, we all now get to enjoy many other informative do-gooders like them, eager to advise and enlighten us in all aspects of life. Ironically, in their attempts to free us of the torture that is society, they have unleashed a quintessential component that makes their fear and opposition to this civilization too accurate indeed.That would be telemarketing.

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Guns Germs and Steel Essay

Yali asked the question of â€Å"why is it that you white people developed so much cargo and brought it to New Guinea, but we black people had so little cargo of our own? † (Diamond 14) In other words, he is asking â€Å"what is the factor between our people and ours that causes human development to proceed at different rates? † (Diamond 16) What Yali is really asking though, is, what is this mysterious factor? According to Diamond, the basis for development is the environment around us including the resources and the native people of New Guinea don’t live in an area where a chance is provided for them to take advantage of. The natural resources are just enough for them to get by. This is why the people of New Guinea produce so little â€Å"cargo† of their own. Pizarro’s capture of Atahuallpa and destruction of the Incas made the Europeans realize what power they head, and what they could do to the rest of the world. They easily wiped out the Inca’s of 80,000 with 168 men. From the Battle of Cajamarca, Pizzaro came back to Charles I saying that Europe had the power to conquer the Americas. There were reasons Pizarro and the Europeans could conquer the Americas†¦ They had better warfare than the Incas. Pizarro’s men had armor rode horseback and used steel compared to their wooden weapons. Eurasia happened to have an abundance of edible material because of the right environment leading to the domestication of plants and animals led the people to settle down in one place instead of being nomads. When people started to settle down and bring the food to them, they started to have a surplus which led for the people to have extra jobs and it started to also support a higher population while allowing women to have more children contributing to job specialization. These specialists were not devoted to farmers or food producers but varied to priests, blacksmiths etc. Permanent agriculture societies were able to from with the food surpluses leading to empires. Some of the reason that people began to settle down and farm are because at the time many wild foods began to decrease due to hunters and gatherers killing off too many large animals leaving life unsustainable. More wild plants that could be domesticated became available at the time. Technological advances allowe3d people to harvest and store greater amounts of food that they cultivated. Human populations rose it’s not clear how much it caused food production and how much food production caused it but researchers believe there’s a connection. As populations rose, they needed to have better food supplies and started farming. The farm societies were able to drive out neighboring hunter-gatherers. A continent with long east-west axis like (Eurasia) has an advantage over continents with long north-south axes (like Africa and the Americas). The reasons it does have to do with crops and longitude. In general similar crops can grow at similar longitudes. In other words a cropped that developed in one place can be spread east to west (or west to east) but less likely to spread north and south. Epidemic diseases developed among the societies that had been farming the longest. These were Eurasian societies. Societies in the Americas, Australia, and other places had not been farming as long and lacked epidemic diseases. When Europeans came in contact with Native Americans, for example, European epidemic diseases killed huge percentages of the Native Americans. This helped the Europeans conquer and the conquest made them richer and more powerful. Therefore germs help to answer Yali’s question. The societies that did independently invent writing were those with complex hierarchies and sophisticated systems of food production. Writing was needed for politics and was generally learned by bureaucrats who had the comfort of available time and energy. As food was available to them, they had no need to hunt and gather for themselves. Since their basic needs were being met, they could focus on a higher level of existence and communication. There are two conditions in which technology may develop. The first is â€Å"mother necessity ideology† which is when a society needs something to make things easier they invent it. Technology differed from place to place because there were more people to invent and better diffusion to spread the invention. The opposite happened in the Americas because there were less people and a slower diffusion rate. Also different cultures had different ideas for change. The only way that society can emerge is through food. Such developments include jobs, such as the chief and the beginnings of government. The institutions of society changed over time based on how organized they were. They evolved based around various factors like war and other societies. They are related by diffusion. Whenever a state is conquered by another state they enforce use of their technology or exploit it. States are going to develop weapons, troops, and religion in order to make the state survive. They develop in response to need of their population size. They use these agents of conquest to become larger and to conquer other societies; and for that they need guns, germs, and steel. What Diamond is saying is that he thinks that people really should not think that history is so much different from the sciences. He is saying that the study of history can be pretty â€Å"scientific† if it is done correctly (and that some sciences are not as precise as things like chemistry). Diamond is trying to argue that historians should use what he calls â€Å"natural experiments. † He thinks that there are many â€Å"experiments† where there are two or more places that are pretty similar in many ways but which then turned out differently (like his experiment in Chapter 2). He argues that historians can use these — they can look at what was different and what was similar and how the differences led to the differences in the outcomes. Guns, Germs, and Steel Book Review I think Diamond’s central intent of writing the book is to explain how varying societies become dominate, and how certain others can become dominated. By looking at environmental conditions that caused the disparities that lead to certain societies developing guns, germs, and steel, including other technology, and forming a government necessary for conquest. He introduced the book with Yali’s question â€Å"Why is it that you white people developed so much cargo and brought it to New Guinea, but we black people has so little cargo of our own? † This question used a scientific/geographic background, and set his intent is to answer the question or inform how to answer the question. He also tries to analyze the causes of the expansion of civilizations’ in some parts of the world, since all people are physically the same what could cause some to be successful and others to die? He used archaeological and historical case studies and evidence from genetics and linguistics, he argued that technological and gaps in power are not caused by race or culture differences but by environmental differences, He used the idea of the axis as one saying that Eurasia had an east to west (or west to east) therefore having an advantage over Africa or the Americas for instance, because crops could grow at the same longitude but it was more difficult as they went north and south. Also when cultural or genetic differences have favored Eurasians like for example written language or resistance to epidemic diseases he says these advantages occurred because of the influence and geography on societies and cultures and were not inherited as genes from Eurasian ancestors. Diamond’s book argues that the differences in progress for different societies around the world do not result from one group being smarter or more resourceful than another. Rather, he focuses on the impact of geography — whether food and other key items were plentiful, whether and how disease spread, and how these developments led to different levels of industrialization, and wealth The book â€Å"Guns, Germs, and Steel† was very well written in the sense that Diamond had a question in which was the foundation of the book, he throughout the book acquired evidence and explanations and ideas of how to answer the question. The book had evidence to back it up by explaining how Eurasia had a better opportunity being west to east meaning they had better crop farming. Which led to a growing civilization and soon conquest. The book wasn’t exactly dull or boring but it wasn’t exciting or entertaining either. It was like any other history book it asked a question, then went on to the point. There was an explanation of the main topic which was Yali’s question and evidence that dealt with answering the question. From beginning to end, Diamond stresses that he realizes that efforts to compare societies have frequently been used by racists or nationalists to belittle groups or justify mistreatment of them. He argues that his analysis is in fact anti-racism at work because it shows that the white people who enjoy the comforts of modern life are ultimately luckier than, not more deserving than, people in impoverished nations.

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Essay On Video Game Violence - 1377 Words

Have you ever had the urge to harm or kill someone after playing a game of football? People of all ages love to play this sport whether it be for fun or bragging rights. We watch two people almost tear each other apart in boxing or Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Chances are you probably just looked at these events and went on with your day afterwards. We have faced dangerous events such as wars, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks. What these events have in common is that they are actually real examples of violence. With events like these around, why would someone take the time to blame a piece of digital media that is only meant for fun? Parents, Ralph Nader a political activist and even our current president Donald Trump all†¦show more content†¦Andrew Leonard, who is a technology reporter, editor, blogger, and staff writer at Salon, speaks about how his very own son works together with people while playing games. The game his son plays is Minecraft. This is a game where you can build huge structures, fight monsters, interact with other players, and more. Andrew had this to say about gaming with others: â€Å"The platform and the mode of interaction make a big difference—something that explains why your grandmother might be willing to play a game on her iPhone while never daring to pick up an Xbox 360 game controller. So cool it with the cesspool naysaying: Games that encourage collaboration and community feed fountains of positivity.† (Andrew Leonard, 2013). We already established that video games can bring people together, but they can also help their players remain healthy. Video games can also be seen as a virtual therapist or doctor. The type of game that will offer therapeutic relief will depend on the person. It could be a racing game, because some people feel that driving helps them feel better, or it could be a strategy game that exercises your brain. No matter what game is used to help the person feel better, it wi ll still help improve their health. There are plenty of games that promote physical fitness. Game systems such as the Wii, Xbox, and PlayStation all have external devices that can be hooked up to them so you can play the moreShow MoreRelatedViolence of Video Games Essay1204 Words   |  5 Pagescompare the â€Å"overconsumption† of video games with violence to the above with added danger. The fact that video games are addictive as can be seen by anyone with experience of playing or the people in our lives who fell under the spell of video games. Obviously, they get absorbed and obsessed over the virtual world and sometimes forget their responsibilities and obligations. The virtual world stealing peoples’ lives in that manner is another major topic. However, this essay will illustrate another potentiallyRead More Video Games and Violence Essay2601 Words   |  11 Pagesrespect to violence in video games compared to other media is the fact that games are immersive, and interactive. They are repetitive, and based on a reward system which is a proven psychological component of classical conditioning discovered by Ivan Pavlov. This argument however has been going on since the days of the comic book in the 50s, and because of the graphic violence portrayed in them, parents blamed them for their childrens bad behavior. It seems that blaming games, and other mediaRead MoreVideo Game Violence Essay1280 Words   |  6 PagesVideo Game Violence Concerns about the effect of media violence on children extends back at least to the beginning of the mass media, with the issue raised with reference to films, radio, television, comic books, and so on. As technology brings new types of media to the fore, the issue shifts to depictions of violence in these new media. Both popular sources and scholarly address this issue, asking in effect how violent video games change children’s behavior and make them more violent, assumingRead MoreEssay on Video Game Violence1599 Words   |  7 Pageschild making a character in a video game ruthlessly rape, beat, and kill another character has been deemed acceptable as long as said child is of a certain age. Video games are prominent in everyday life. Children as young as two are starting off playing basic video games to learn their ABC’s and 123’s. The problem is as children get older they are influenced by the video games they play and most of the video games in today†™s society are violent and gory. Video games affect children and cause themRead More Video Game Violence Essay554 Words   |  3 PagesVideo Game Violence Violence in video games has been a hot topic ever since the beginnings of the industry. From depictions of a polygonal frog being run over in Frogger, to stealing cars in a realistic environment a la Grand Theft Auto, this topic has sparked serious debate. The traditional liberal stance is that the government should forcefully regulate the video game industry. The conservative stance is that the industry does a good job of rating itself, and that government should not getRead MoreVideo Games and Violence Essay1588 Words   |  7 PagesVideo games and Violence Like any other thing in the world video games have positive and negative aspects too. According to a study, those who spend hours and hours in playing ‘civic games’ were found to take more part in different community services like social work, politics or protests, as compared to those who never took interest in video games. Hence video games are proved to increase one’s social interaction skills. The kind of friendship and ethics those are knowledgeable by the young gamersRead MoreEssay on Violence in Video Games1018 Words   |  5 PagesViolence in Video Games Do video games containing violence spark people of today to commit violent acts? Violence in video games are blamed for some of todays violent crimes. Some people believe that these crimes are committed due to playing a video game. Others believe that video games are a easy excuse for the violent acts, and keep America from looking deeper into the minds of people committing these acts. Video games are also thought to be a good way to take out some hostility. InRead MoreEssay on The Violence of Video Games999 Words   |  4 PagesThe Violence of Video Games There are many views as to whether video game violence causes children to behave violently. Many children play violent games because that is what most people are playing and they feel that they need to do so as well. Violence is not only in video games but also in all other forms of media because that is what sells and what will make entertainment companies more money. Lately there have been increasing amounts of people that say that violent video games are causingRead More Video Game Violence Essay1270 Words   |  6 PagesVideo Game Violence Video game violence has been a long going controversy. Video games have not been around all that long, â€Å"first introduced in the 1970s† (Cesarone, Feb. ‘95), and started out as being centered towards the Children. Well anybody that has grown up with games are now older and more mature and demand more from their gaming experience, and so the creation of new types and styles of games have evolved to suit them. I have grown up with games, and am at the age where ‘kids games’Read More Video Games Violence Essay1580 Words   |  7 Pageschild has played video games once in their lives. There are various genres and types of video games such as action, first person shooters, adventure, education, role-playing, strategy, and many more. 89% of video games contain some violent content (Slife, 2008). The most addictive, common, and popular video games among children are the violent video games (Slife, 2008). A lot of video games these days depict â€Å"rea l-life violence† meaning that the settings and plots of these video games are taken from

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The Essential Component of Corporate Governance - 9749 Words

Center for International Private Enterprise ECONOMICREFORM Feature Service ® January 12, 2006 Business Ethics: The Essential Component of Corporate Governance John D. Sullivan, Ph.D. Executive Director, CIPE Aleksandr Shkolnikov, Program Officer, Global, CIPE Given ï ¬ nancial scandals and the resulting new mandates on business, ï ¬ rms ï ¬ nd themselves pressed to develop strong codes of ethics to guide the behavior of board members, managers, and employees. Although the concern with ethics has always been a part of doing business, business leaders today are beginning to think about ethics as a set of principles and guides of behavior rather than a set of rigid rules. In this sense, business ethics is not only an attempt to set a standard by†¦show more content†¦2. The Rights of Shareholders and Key Ownership Functions: The corporate governance framework should protect and facilitate the exercise of shareholders’ rights. 3. The Equitable Treatment of Shareholders: The corporate governance framework should ensure the equitable treatment of all shareholders, including minority and foreign shareholders. All shareholders should have the opportunity to obtain eï ¬â‚¬ective redress for violation of their rights. 4. The R ole of Stakeholders in Corporate Governance: The corporate governance framework should recognise the rights of stakeholders established by law or through mutual agreements and encourage active co-operation between corporations and stakeholders in creating wealth, jobs, and the sustainability of ï ¬ nancially sound enterprises. 5. Disclosure and Transparency: The corporate governance framework should ensure that timely and accurate disclosure is made on all material matters regarding the corporation, including the ï ¬ nancial situation, performance, ownership, and governance of the company. 6. The Responsibilities of the Board: The corporate governance framework should ensure the strategic guidance of the company, the eï ¬â‚¬ective monitoring of management by the board, and the board’s accountability to the company and the shareholders. For more information seeShow MoreRelatedIT/IS Strategy Governance and Legislation1032 Words   |  4 PagesIT/IS Strategy, Governance, a nd Legislation Introduction Information technology and the processes and systems that make up an organizations information technology are now essential parts of any business. The combination of business aims and the information and operations that are a part of any comprehensive information technology system make it an integral part of the functioning of any organization, and proper IT governance and strategy is thus a fundamentally important business process or areaRead MoreCorporate Governance : Good Business Management1658 Words   |  7 PagesThe general idea we have in mind when we hear the term Corporate Governance, is that it is an almost unattainable goal. The reason is the only companies that have corporate governance are big businesses with exorbitant capital, or, at least have shares on the stock-market. It is based on the idea that applying good organizational governance practices, is exclusive and expensive. But those who argue this idea are very far from reality. I must confess that I was one of these people. Currently allRead MoreWhy Talking About Corporate Governance1435 Words   |  6 PagesWhy talking about corporate governance? Good â€Å"corporate governance is synonymous with â€Å"good business management†, that reinforcing surveillance systems, management and administration of a company, making them efficient, effective, honest, transparent and democratic. A company with high quality management will have access to financing (public or private) in better conditions and terms. Make appropriate business decisions to reach a higher level of accounting transparency, more efficiently manageRead MoreLegal And Regulatory Environments And Ethics1712 Words   |  7 Pages1. Title: legal and Regulatory Environments and Ethics: Essential Components of a Fraud and Forensic Accounting Curriculum Forensic accounting is defined as the action of identifying, recording, settling, extracting, sorting, reporting, and verifying past financial data or other accounting activities for settling current or prospective legal disputes or using such past financial data for projecting future financial data to settle legal disputes. Forensic accountant are very important part of theRead MoreCorporate Governance - Role of Board of Directors1622 Words   |  7 PagesCORPORATE GOVERNANCE - ROLE OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS People often question whether corporate boards matter because their day-today impact is difficult to observe. But, when things go wrong, they can become the center of attention. Certainly this was true of the Enron, Worldcom, and Parmalat scandals. The directors of Enron and Worldcom, in particular, were held liable for the fraud that occurred: Enron directors had to pay $168 million to investor plaintiffs, of which $13 million was out of pocketRead MoreWhy Ethics Are Important to Auditors1355 Words   |  6 Pagesconsulting, planning taxes and deregulation preparation. There are generally two types of auditors: External Auditors: These auditors visit from outside the company to access and weigh up the financial statements of their clients or to carry out essential evaluation than necessary. They are usually appointed for a time span of 1 year. Internal Auditors: They are hired by the companies as employees to access and assess the internal direction necessary in the company. They testify directly to BODsRead MoreFunctions Of The Control Activities738 Words   |  3 Pagesreassessment, and the establishment of responsibility and accountability. Nevertheless, effective control activities in themselves do not ensure that the organization has implemented an effective system of internal controls; therefore all five COSO components must be existent to make certain that control activities function correctly and consistently overtime (Edelstein, 2004). Information and communication. Information is necessary to convey internal control responsibilities to support the entityRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility and Single Strongest Argument1106 Words   |  5 Pagesand explain the Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility. Provide several examples of each ‘layer’ of the pyramid. Identify and discuss some of the tensions among the layers or components. PELE 2. In your review, what is the single strongest argument against the idea of corporate social responsibility? What is the single strongest argument for corporate social responsibility? Briefly explain 3. Differentiate between corporate social responsibility and corporate social responsiveness. GiveRead MoreOrganizations and Their Ethics and Social Responsiblity Essay733 Words   |  3 Pages Ethics and social responsibility are integral components in developing a strategic plan while considering stakeholder needs. As such, ethics and social responsibility should be deemed as an essential strategic concern within all organizations. Ethics and social responsibility has the capacity to make or break an organization; the success of an organization’s strategic plan is dependent upon it. This paper will explain the role of ethics and social responsibility in developing a strategic plan whileRead MoreDifference Between Stockholder And Stakeholders986 Words   |  4 Pagesto express their concerns openly. 4. How governance structure in a company can respond to corporate social responsibility Corporate Social responsibility is something where a company takes in to consideration interests of everyone involved i.e. employees, stakeholders, and customers. Governance is responsible to see if an organization is fulfilling its social responsibilities. Governance in some organizations has setup policies and guidelines for corporate social responsibilities, which each organization